Poems and Lyrics

Lyrics: Leave This Mess Behind

I had a revelation
that everything’s not fine
we’re not this sovereign country
and we’re running out of time

we’re in the grips of maniacs
they don’t care about the rest
they think they’ve fooled us with their acts
they think that they’re the best

I have some aspirations
on how to treat this malaise
if you happen to agree with me
then repeat this little phrase:

let’s start a revolution
of the heart, soul, and mind
let’s start a revolution
we’re killing our own kind
let’s start a revolution
before we lose our minds
let’s start a revolution
and leave this mess behind

let’s prosecute the bankers
that wreck our currency
they steal from our neighbor
and everyone can’t you see

I ain’t got 10 billion bucks
and I owe my life in fees
but I’d rather stand up to you fucks
than be down on my knees

can’t trust the politicians
can’t trust the police
can’t trust the judges or the courts
and i can’t afford my lease

it’s time that we the people
reclaim our dignity
fight back with our hearts and minds
fight for humanity

let’s smash up all the gadgets
and get out in the streets
these useless games and websites
they make us weak

Big Bro is watching you
he records what you type
he knows where you’ve been and gone
he watches while you Skype

while all this happens
you sit down with a beer
flip on the NFL
and hear them roar and cheer

it’s just a corporate spectacle
that markets to your fears
brought to you my Mastercard
“we’ll see you all next year!”

Verizon’s got the cellulars
Citibank has got your loans
Comcast owns the Internet
Wells Fargo takes your home

ConAgra owns all the food
Bud Light has got the booze
Bud, Busch, Becks, Coors, Michelob
which poison do you choose?

Monsanto’s making all the seeds
Dick Cheney’s got the bombs
Goldman Sachs owns all the stocks
Obama bombed your mom

Wal-Mart owns all the retail
Pfizer’s got your pills
don’t you read those side effects
they won’t make you ill

Apple’s got technology
and Disney stole the show
Starbucks has its coffee shops
everywhere you go

Raytheon flies all the drones
and FedEx sends your mail
the CCA will rob you blind
by sending you to jail

let’s start this revolution
we’re going so insane
let’s start this revolution
so much suffering and pain
start this revolution
quit playing their little game

let’s start a revolution
of the heart, soul, and mind
let’s start a revolution
we’re killing our own kind
let’s start a revolution
before we lose our minds
let’s start a revolution
and leave this mess behind

© 2020 Chris Paulus

Poem: Surreptitious Usurpers

Surreptitious Usurpers

these surreptitious usurpers –
sneakily stealing
slickly seizing
swiftly swiping
slowly sucking
like a brazen, sepulchral, slimy squid

these surreptitious usurpers –
are secretive and prodigious
grotesquely suspicious
subliminally vicious
sickeningly supercilious
conceitedly superior and vacuous

these surreptitious usurpers –
with uncompromising ruthlessness
with staggering thoughtlessness
with rapacious ravenousness
distressingly remorseless
act secretly behind subtle veils of seduction

and these surreptitious usurpers,
with silvery scales of a basilisk
with hearts, souls, and spirits of stone
with slithering tongues

spew slim veils of supposed reality
spread darkness and perplexity
sell story after story
send missiles for perverted glory
consolidate their ascendancy
praise their own pathology

these surreptitious usurpers
submerging us in seas of deceit
severing off our self-sustaining feet
subjugating and coercing as they cheat
stomping swiftly up the staircase to our defeat
almost complete

and the stupefied slaves –
slumbering and primitive
docile and submissive
stolid and passive
yet massive

soon the scales will slide from our eyes
the stupefied slaves will start to realize
and we’ll take you by surprise
overcome your lies
and send you to your demise

© 2020 Chris Paulus

Poem: The Lesser Evil Man

The Lesser Evil Man

“Vote for the lesser evil, man,
it’s the only way to vote”
well, if you take that logic,
then they’ve got you by the throat

we’ve heard this song before, my man
you say it every year
“vote the lesser evil man”
we hear you loud and clear

we’ve tried it all before, my friend
we clenched our eyes with dread
we pinched our noses with disgust
and voted, like you said

what a wise decision, too
just look around and see
our country is in stellar shape
how much better could it be?

you claim that it was worth it,
and that we did ourselves a favor
“we dodged a bullet and a storm –
it was a good endeavor”

well, you pulled your little lever
and then went about your day
but now your lesser evil man
took more and more away

“I thought we dodged a bullet, man
how did it go so wrong?”
it should be no surprise to you –
he was evil all along

“vote for the lesser evil, man”
but you choose not to see
both are vetted figureheads
of our kleptocracy

our country has new owners now
despite what you’ve been told
a lurid, sanctioned boxing match
that’s bought out, paid, and sold

they televise their roulette game
they place their bets, conspire
it’s all the same to them, my man
which pawn do you desire?

they still run the casino, man
they still have all the power
they’ve nearly got it all, my friend
this is the final hour

so here we are again, my friend
presented with a choice
it really is quite simple,
so take notice and rejoice

to play into their hand, my friend
or expose their rigged game
to strike a blow to the status quo
or keep it all the same

to snap in line like bleating swine
at their beck and command
and vote the lesser evil man
– a spineless, trite demand

or shake the chains of the remains
of vapid, bankrupt creeds
and claim a vision that we want

and choose to fight against our plight
even when it’s tough
to tell our callous overlords
that we have had enough

if voting is indeed our voice
then proudly say with me:
fuck the lesser evil man
and let good come to be

© 2020 Chris Paulus