Alphaskeptic’s Word

Alphaskeptic’s Word

Hello, I’m alphaskeptic. I’m a primary blogger, an administrator, and subscribe people to the site. You’ll gather from my blog posts that I’m an anti-secrecy advocate (think of why secrets are usually kept), support network neutrality and anonymity on the web, I encourage whistleblowers, I love our American Bill of Rights (and I wish it were more steadfastly honored and recognized), I support(ed) the Occupy Wall Street movement, along with Anonymous and Wikileaks,  I’m largely a political atheist, I’m staunchly anti-austerity and see it as a way for elite international bankers to impose economic neo-feudalism on the people, and, to summarize as best as I can, the more centralized the power, the more I tend to disagree with it.

I am trying to join a group of individuals in helping the public to understand that there is a powerful, socioeconomic and political elite in cohorts with multinational enterprise deeply committed to creating an oligarchical state – economically and politically. I believe that until these institutions and individuals behind them are identified, there will not be significant progress in a more rational and healthy direction that supports all of us and preserves our rights as human beings with dignity.

The United States is no longer a constitutional republic. It is an empire. And its rampant disregard for the law (and in general everyday decency) is becoming more and more transparent by the day. Executive orders. Immunity for spying and wiretapping. Undeclared wars. Billions of dollars in the political process. Drone strikes. Torturing facilities. War crimes. Military bases all over the world. Your tax dollars are currently funding drone strikes on innocent civilians,  foreign aid to corrupt governments, bailing out banks that preyed upon innocent Americans, and the Department of Homeland Security. You may notice we have no money for education, health care, or food stamps. But we do have money for the militarization of the world. Nearly every military spending bill whips through Congress without a second thought.

Institutions seek to maximize control. Our institutions, political, educational, economic, you name it, do not serve us. They simply use and abuse us. We are cannon fodder to be used at their disposal to achieve their end in harnessing more power. These institutions are enormous: the IMF, the World Bank, ECB, the United Nations, NATO, the Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security…the list goes on and on. These groups constantly seek to obtain more control over our lives and squeeze out freedom and individuality.

Ignorance is alright. It’s willful ignorance that is the problem. But if you don’t know anything about these questions or issues, then it is hard for me to explain to you how much trouble we’re really in. Your presumption might be that these people are either elected by people of sound mind and good conscience, or that these groups are representative of our population’s will, or that these people know what they’re doing, or that they’re even elected at all. You may want to hide away and just go about your business and worry about your daily lifestyle, but all of this affects you, your family, your friends, and your freedom. This website is dedicated to helping citizens realize how connected and deep the corruption is.

You may look around you and still hear the wind blowing and a green environment, but you may not realize that our right to self-determination, privacy, and speech, are being swept right underneath our feet.
We are now almost completely dependent on factory farms and factories for food, slave labor for our clothes and iPods, water filters to purify our water, and a Ponzi scheme of an economy headed by central banking that is making us dependent on monopolizing industry and working more and more hours with less benefits to acquire the things we need for survival. These systems are not set up to service and protect you. They are set up to abuse you until your death.

BUT! The resistance has begun. Remember: All actions have an equal and opposite reaction. When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

Thanks for visiting!

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